Who is data toboggan?

Victoria Holt

Mark Pryce-Maher

Richard Munn

Andy Cutler

what is data toboggan?

An Azure Synapse Analytics focused series of events. The EVENTS and USER GROUP pages contain a list of our events.

Our annual virtual events comprise of:

– January | Data Toboggan – Winter Edition
– July | Data Toboggan – Cool Runnings

– November | Data Toboggan – Alpine Coaster

User Group
All Other Months | Data Toboggan – Slide Preparation

Why should you attend?

Expand your knowledge

Keep up to date with product changes

Opportunity to grow and connect

Become a part of the Azure Synapse community

Have a love for snow

Have fun learning

Join us for our fourth event, Data Toboggan Cool Runnings 2022, specializing on Azure Synapse Analytics!

Azure Synapse Analytics is a practically limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. It is this analytical power that will help enable any organisation to transform from being reactive into being truly proactive, generating actionable insights that enable both business flow and timely decision-support.

Our next conference is on Saturday 9th July 2022. This is a virtual event which crosses multiple time zones and is free to attend.

Data Toboggan Cool Runnings 2022 Poster
Hello! We have an agenda for our next Azure Synapse Analytics conference on Saturday July 9th. To register for the event please click here and sign-up through MeetUp. See you there! Click on a word in the Wordcloud below to see relevant sessions.
Data Toboggan Session Categories
We have a wide selection of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI sessions at Cool Runnings 2022. If you’re looking for a particular service or topic, then please see the session categories below: General Synapse and Data Suma Manohar: Cloud modernization journey with data residency restrictionsKnee […]
The latest piste maps are available for our next Azure Synapse Analytics conference, Cool Runnings 2022, which is running on Saturday 9th July. You can sign-up via MeetUp here. The full agenda is available here. Synapse Room Analytics Room

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