Our latest conference Cool Runnings is running on Saturday July 9th and the Call For Speakers is open now! The link to Sessionize is here. We’re looking for Azure Synapse Analytics related submissions, if you need inspiration for a session idea then we’re looking for the full range of services and features that Synapse Analytics has to offer.

If you have an idea rolling around your head then please get in touch with us to discuss, maybe we can help shape it?

Speaker Experience

The data community is a fantastic community and all levels of speaker experience are welcome, if you’re new to speaking then perhaps Data Toboggan can be one of your first sessions? We’ll all help to support you in your community journey.

Technology Focussed Sessions:

As Synapse combines several data platforms, there’s plenty of scope for technical sessions from beginners to deep-dives on any of the following areas:

  • Dedicated SQL Pools
  • Serverless SQL Pools
  • Spark Pools
  • Lake Databases & Database Designer
  • Data Explorer
  • Pipelines
  • Power BI integration
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Synapse Link to Dataverse
  • Synapse Link to Cosmos DB

Process Focussed Sessions

Then there are sessions around architecture, running projects, cost optimisation, implementation, anything where the technology is not necessarily the central point of focus (well, the technology will always have a certain amount of focus, I hope the following examples help):

  • Data Warehouse architecture
  • Data Lakehouse architecture
  • Performance optimisations
  • Running a Synapse proof-of-concept
  • Architecting a Synapse Analytics solution
  • Optimising SQL Pools costs (Serverless and Dedicated)
  • Implementing a secure Synapse solution
  • Data awareness and culture

Session Length

We have 2 session lengths available to suit either a full session or lightning talk.

  • 45 minute session: This is a full length session
  • 10 minute session: This is a lightning talk session

If you feel a short session to really concentrate on a single feature would be useful, that’s great! A 10 minute lightning talk can really help to focus on a key point.



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