Data Toboggan Session Categories

We have a wide selection of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI sessions at Cool Runnings 2022. If you’re looking for a particular service or topic, then please see the session categories below:

General Synapse and Data

  • Suma Manohar: Cloud modernization journey with data residency restrictions
  • Knee Deep in Tech: Knee Deep in Tech Special Synapse Podcast
  • Augustin Dokoza Bukvic: Day in Life of an Analytics Consultant – Lessons Learned (lightning)
  • Pawel Potasinski: What’s New and Cool in Azure Synapse Analytics

Dedicated SQL Pools

  • Bob Duffy: Star Schema Automation in EDW/SqlPool (lightning)
  • Saikat Dutta: Learnt the Hard Way : Workload Isolation in Azure Synapse
  • Bob Duffy: SqlPool Maintenance Fundamentals
  • Dennes Torres: Starting a Data Warehouse with Synapse SQL Link
  • Tiago Balabuch & Filipa Lobão: How to tune Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Dedicated Pool performance and enable its full potential)
  • Kevin Chant: Create Database Project for use with Azure Synapse Link for SQL Server 2022 (lightning)
  • Rob Farley: The Problem with MPP (lightning)

Serverless SQL Pools & Lake Databases

  • Aditi Kumari: Azure Synapse Serverless playing a role in building Data Mesh architectures
  • Anupama Natarajan: Introduction to Azure Synapse Database Templates


  • Sandeep Pawar: Serialization to Optimize Spark Notebooks in Synapse (lightning)

Data Explorer Pools

  • Richard Conway: Building data solutions in Azure Synapse with Kusto Pools


  • Armando Lacerda: Synapse Pipelines for the SSIS DBA
  • Linda Torrång: Synapse Pipelines implementation patterns for the real world
  • Ginger Grant: Moving Away from Data Flows and Simplifying Data Pipelines in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Johan Ludvig Brattås: Azure Synapse + Power BI + Purview = True


  • Kevin Feasel: Locking Down Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Heini Ilmarinen: Empowering Azure Synapse Analytics with Azure AD

Power BI

  • Gaston Cruz: Power BI + Synapse: 101 entry level for a powerful mix! (lightning)
  • Leon Gordon: Introduction to Machine Learning in Power BI (lightning)
  • Mohammed Adnan: Power BI Goals for your Organization (lightning)
  • Rishi Sapra: Querying large datasets at scale with Power BI and Synapse
  • Belinda Allen: User Adoption: Creating and Supporting Power BI Champions

Machine Learning & AI

  • Alpa Buddhabhatti: Sentiment Analysis using Azure Synapse and Azure Cognitive service


  • Jean Joseph: Leverage PowerShell to provision Azure Synapse resources for the beginner


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